Friday, March 16, 2012

Crusader Kings II (2012/Multi4/Repack by Inok)

Crusader Kings II (2012/Multi4/Repack by Inok)


Crusader Kings II (2012/Multi4/Repack by Inok)
2012 | PC | English, French, German, Spanish | Developer & Publisher: Paradox Interactive | 281MB
Genre: Strategy / RTS

Across Europe, the total devastation of land divided into petty feudal lords, the Emperor is struggling with the Pope and the Holy Father declares that all who go to the liberation of the Holy Zamli be granted forgiveness of sins.
The game Crusader Kings II you have to take the role of the ruler of one of the most powerful Christian dynasties and try to expand its borders. To do this, have to constantly monitor its burgeoning empire. If youre right to appoint vassals, successfully confront the traitors and implement useful for the development of state laws, you will eventually be able to create the most powerful dynasty of medieval Europe

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