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Rodney Rude - Six Albums

Rodney Rude - Six Albums

Rodney Rude - Six Albums

HASH: dee336ba1bf049aad7b4058e288b7191f1a88ac7


+A Legend/01 Rude.mp3

+A Legend/02 Quite Rude.mp3

+A Legend/03 Getting Ruder.mp3

+A Legend/04 Really Rather Rude.mp3

+A Legend/05 Very Rude.mp3

+A Legend/06 Far to Rude.mp3

+Frog Sack/01 - Rodney Rude - Heckler Strangles Mates Knob In An Anal Noose.mp3

+Frog Sack/02 - Rodney Rude - Rude Compares His Willy To Windsock.mp3

+Frog Sack/03 - Rodney Rude - Doctor Gaffers A Tiny Camera To His Own Appendage.mp3

+Frog Sack/04 - Rodney Rude - Heckler Has A Tattoo Of Anus On His Fist.mp3

+Frog Sack/05 - Rodney Rude - Incompetence During Surgical Procedure.mp3

+Frog Sack/07 - Rodney Rude - Heckler Gets Outsmarted By His Own Girlfriend.mp3

+Frog Sack/08 - Rodney Rude - Ex-Wife Tries To Push Rude Off Echo Point.mp3

+Frog Sack/10 - Rodney Rude - Rude Is Nicknamed Tiger Woods.mp3

+Frog Sack/14 - Rodney Rude - Charles Merton-Lickett, Stuart Diver And Harry Muff.mp3

+Frog Sack/15 - Rodney Rude - Rude's New Son Darren Runs Eagle Boys In Kurri Kurri.mp3

+Frog Sack/16 - Rodney Rude - Homeless Bloke Takes Dump In Open Police Window.mp3

+Frog Sack/17 - Rodney Rude - Peter Allen's Taxidermist And His Cat.mp3

+Frog Sack/18 - Rodney Rude - Rude's Uncle Ishmael Polishes Toe Of Cowboy Boot.mp3

+Frog Sack/19 - Rodney Rude - Rude's Uncle Ishmael Damages Knob In Shaving Accident.mp3

+Frog Sack/20 - Rodney Rude - Rude's Grandfather Makes Hard Hats Out Of Dolphin's Foreheads.mp3

+Frog Sack/21 - Rodney Rude - Rude Suggests That Elton Owns A Store Window.mp3

+Frog Sack/22 - Rodney Rude - Rude Claims Safest Place In Terrorist Attack Is Local Swimming Pool.mp3

+Frog Sack/23 - Rodney Rude - Rude Suggests PM Should Do Rude's Audience.mp3

+Frog Sack/24 - Rodney Rude - Rude Claims Lady's Hairy Underarms Are Like 2 Bonus Vaginas.mp3

+I Got More/01 Part 1.mp3

+I Got More/02 Part 2.mp3

+I Got More/03 Part 3.mp3

+I Got More/04 Part 4.mp3

+I Got More/05 Part 5.mp3

+I Got More/06 Part 6.mp3

+I Got More/07 Part 7.mp3

+Other/Rodney Rude - Arse Transplant.mp3

+Other/Rodney Rude - Japanese People.mp3

+Other/Rodney Rude - KFC Killed My Uncle.mp3

+Other/Rodney Rude - McDonalds Revisited.mp3

+Other/Rodney Rude - McDonalds.mp3

+Other/Rodney Rude - Michael Jackson.mp3

+Other/Rodney Rude - Nigger Jokes (Cut).mp3

+Other/Rodney Rude - Steady Eddie.mp3

+Other/Rodney Rude - Supa Mega Fugly.mp3

+Other/Rodney Rude - VB Ad.mp3

+Other/Rodney Rude - Wog Song.mp3

+Rude Rides Again/Part 1.mp3

+Rude Rides Again/Part 2.mp3

+Rude Rides Again/Part 3.mp3

+Rude Rides Again/Part 4.mp3

+Rude Rides Again/Part 5.mp3

+Rude Rides Again/Part 6.mp3

+Twice As Rude/Track02.mp3

+Twice As Rude/Track03.mp3

+Twice As Rude/Track04.mp3

+Twice As Rude/Track05.mp3

+Twice As Rude/Track06.mp3

+Twice As Rude/Track07.mp3

+Twice As Rude/Track10.mp3

+Twice As Rude/Track11.mp3

+Twice As Rude/Track12.mp3

+Twice As Rude/Track13.mp3

+Twice As Rude/Track14.mp3

+Twice As Rude/Track15.mp3

+Twice As Rude/Track16.mp3

+Twice As Rude/Track17.mp3

+Twice As Rude/Track18.mp3

+Ya Mum's Bum/01 - Heckler's Mum.mp3

+Ya Mum's Bum/02 - Grandfather Nuzzles Beaver.mp3

+Ya Mum's Bum/03 - Boy Cops.mp3

+Ya Mum's Bum/04 - Afro.mp3

+Ya Mum's Bum/05 - Stunted Kleptomanic.mp3

+Ya Mum's Bum/06 - Famous Painted Charlie.mp3

+Ya Mum's Bum/07 - Hugh Grant.mp3

+Ya Mum's Bum/08 - Dickshit.mp3

+Ya Mum's Bum/09 - Homeless Bloke.mp3

+Ya Mum's Bum/10 - Shoehorn.mp3

+Ya Mum's Bum/11 - Rubber Legged Bloke.mp3

+Ya Mum's Bum/12 - Drunken Limeric.mp3

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